“McGonigal”, Xhaferaj: Berisha is helping Rama with his noise, our group has not been able to speak

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One day before the plenary session where the motion with a debate on the McGonigal case will be held, Democratic Party MP Ferdinand Xhaferaj stated that the discussions will be fruitful if the Prime Minister is present.

In an interview with A2 CNN’s “Debate,” the Democratic Party deputy emphasized that the opposition’s recent behavior was simply a result of the absence of the head of government in Parliament.

He also did not hesitate to distinguish his DP group from Berisha’s group. Xhaferaj believes the latter is simply assisting Prime Minister Edi Rama in diverting attention away from the true scope of the scandal.

“The opposition’s behavior is a result of the Prime Minister’s absence from Parliament, which was the cause. If Rama comes tomorrow and fulfills his constitutional obligation, the public will be treated to a very informative session. We are still gathering evidence to shed light on this new scandal, and the Prime Minister is aware of this.”

When asked why he believes the Democratic Party’s leader is assisting Rama in this matter, Xhaferaj claims that by pursuing his political agenda, Berisha is not only removing the gray electorate from the DP, but he is also preventing other Democratic MPs from speaking out on the issue.

“In order to keep the militants alive, Mr. Berisha makes a lot of noise, which is good for the opposition. However, it also annoys the gray electorate, which is necessary for the elections. On the other hand, we are the authorized DP and we have not been sufficiently heard. It is our fault that we have not been heard sufficiently. We have a group of prepared politicians who have not risen to the level that citizens desire, as well as Berisha’s group, which breeds boredom.”

While emphasizing that “we haven’t seen anything yet,” the Democratic MP added that in his speech tomorrow, he will shed light on the facts and interpret what has occurred.

It is worth noting that tomorrow’s session is scheduled to last 24 hours, but it could end sooner depending on how the opposition behaves in Parliament.