Kastriot Sulka: Investors face uncertainty as a result of frequent changes in fiscal policies and informality

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The market is sending mixed signals about private investments. Investors appear to have been put off by the increased uncertainty in the economy as a result of the price crisis and general slowdown in activity.

Bank deposits have reached all-time highs, while the most common investments we see on a daily basis are traditional ones, such as the opening of local shops, bakeries, or even pharmacies.

Businesses like these are closing every day, while others like them are opening. Can the economy grow in this manner? How should the market be oriented in terms of investment models? How can those who want to invest and hire others reduce their costs and risks?

To speak about these issues, Kastriot Sulka was invited today to “A2 Business” with Aurora Sulçe.

How can this increase in deposits be explained, Mr. Sulka, when a portion of the business is in crisis?

We can, in my opinion, confront two groups. First, there is the Covid crisis and the war in Ukraine, both of which we have no control over. More emphasis should be placed on those who are within our grasp.

To begin with, we frequently switch strategies. What and how much are the respective legislative changes, particularly those related to taxes, and how does this discourage them?

The greatest concern, however, is one of informality. Therefore, we often take into account the informality factor and in these conditions, we have a big difference compared to other countries.

Even strategies are critical. As a result, shifting strategies makes people hesitant.