“You can’t do it with Berisha, and you can’t do it with Basha,” Xhaferaj: Every Albanian requires a platform

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Ferdinand Xhaferaj believes that the Democratic Party requires new leadership to break out of its current stalemate, as evidenced by the March 6 elections, which demonstrated that two factions within the largest opposition party cannot defeat Prime Minister Edi Rama.

Although he sees Sali Berisha as part of the solution to the crisis but not as a leader, the Democratic MP does not see former chairman Lulzim Basha in the same light.

Xhaferaj is advocating for the creation of a platform that is supported by the international community but has an impact on all segments of Albanian society.

“I think discussions about new leadership have begun. On March 6, it was demonstrated that Basha and Berisha were unable to defeat Rama. This necessitates the opposition having new leadership beyond this alternative. A platform backed by an international factor that must be in charge of all categories. The term “oligarchs” does not sit well with me. It can’t be done without Berisha, but it can’t be done with Berisha either. No way, Basha. We must approach the gray electorate as well as every social category. Berisha is part of the solution, but not the solution itself. He mobilizes the militants, but only so far “Xhaferaj stated.