Xhaferiaj: Berisha cannot win against Rama as his agenda is incompatible with what Albanians want

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Democratic MP Ferdinand Xhaferaj does not see Sali Berisha as a viable alternative to Edi Rama, and as a result, he is calling for new leadership.

Berisha returned to lead the party for personal reasons, according to Xhaferaj, but his agenda does not align with what Albania requires.

“The need to protest is frightening. We have worked with Berisha, and the opposition should bring up the gray and dark aspects of his past. I’m leaving Berisha not because we had problems or because he’s a non grata, but because his entire history and non grata status make him an option that can’t defeat Rama. Under these conditions, we require new leadership. Berisha was the most forthright about this when he resigned in 2013. His return was for personal reasons, but it does not correspond to what Albania wants “said the Democratic Member of Parliament.

Ferdinand Xhaferaj also commented on the March 3rd protest, saying he supports it but did not confirm his participation.