What is the level of informality? MP Resulaj: It is no longer a big burden

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Pranvera Resulaj, a Socialist Party MP, was invited to A2 Business, where she indicated that informality is no longer a major burden, as she believes it has been for years.

“We cannot claim that we have a severe tax administration burden while taxpayer engagement with the administration is declining. I’m not saying there haven’t been examples of power abuse, but we can’t generalize. I understand, having been on the business side many times, but I cannot accept that informality is such a huge weight today, when there has been such a concerted effort to combat informality in recent years “Resulaj stated.

Meanwhile, the MP hesitated to provide a particular response to the amount of informality today. “I can confidently state that it was greater than 50% when the action began. Traditionally, firms used two sets of books, and insured employees were few and far between. Uninsured employees are now extremely unusual. A lot of efforts have also been made in tax law”, MP Pranvera Resulaj stated.