Maksim Caslli lists reasons why businesses are not making any investments

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Entrepreneur Maxim Caslli outlined in A2 Business some of the reasons why, according to him, businesses are not taking more chances to invest.

Caslli believes that we have entered a new developmental cycle that corresponds with a different corporate environment than in the early years of democracy. He adds that at the moment we are only talking about 10-12% of enterprises, usually major ones, that have the ability to deposit money in banks.

“We are at the conclusion of one development cycle and the start of another. Since 2010, there has been a modest increase, however many firms are in decline. If we didn’t have cash in 1990 and everyone could do business, we now have a different situation. We operate in a unique business environment. Just 10–12% of businesses have cash on hand. Others are Albanian citizens who can deposit money in banks. The scenario has altered, risks have increased, the climate has changed, and we are witnessing a generational shift “Caslli stated.