Trade with Montenegro grew after the pandemic

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Albania and Montenegro’s economic cooperation has grown substantially in recent years.

INSTAT reports an increase in international trade activity beginning in 2022. Last year, Albania exported commodities to its neighbors to the extent of 7.5 billion lek, while imports were 4.9 billion lek.

Up from about 69 million euros in 2018, the overall value of commerce was roughly 107 million euros in 2019. When compared to other trading partners, however, these numbers are still quite low, and so is the volume of goods traded.

INSTAT reports that steel and fruits are the most popular commodities moved from Albania to Montenegro, followed by combustibles (value 1.3 billion lek) and gypsum and cement (worth 1.3 billion lek).

Imports mostly consist of combustibles worth 3,1 billion lek, followed by wood and its byproducts at 850 million lek, aluminum, and alcoholic beverages.

Investments in infrastructure, such as railway lines or the construction of the blue corridor, are seen by businesses on both sides of the border as having the potential to considerably expand trade between the two nations.