“Open Balkans”, Abazovic: Let’s have an informal meeting in the summer, it should hurt our heads if we see each other as enemies

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Prime Minister Edi Rama and his Montenegrin counterpart Dritan Dritan Abazovic agreed during a meeting of the two governments in Podgorica that the “Open Balkans” are crucial to accelerating the Berlin process.

During his address, Rama appealed his audience to not suspect a “hidden goal” behind the Open Balkans project.

“Do not suspect that there are Chinese, Russians, Martians, or even Germans hiding behind Open Balkans. Through the Open Balkans we aim to actualize the ideals and achieve the goals of the Berlin process “, the Prime Minister underlined.

The same idea was shared by his counterpart, Abazovic, who also voiced a wish for a summertime informal meeting of regional leaders. Abazovic claims that measures like these won’t generate any “headaches” in the region. Instead, he thinks the problem is that people aren’t talking to each other and are treating each other as enemies.

“We have brought the Berlin Process to life. We aim to ratify it in the upcoming session once Montenegro presents it to the administration. In June, we’ll get together for an informal meeting. Each and every Western Balkan leader will be invited. We have an interest in having the largest possible neighborhood. Peace and stability are benefits of any regional collaboration.”