Dubai and extradition agreement with Albania, how criminals are arrested then released

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In many cases, Albanian police have announced the arrest of members of criminal groups in the United Arab Emirates, but despite the fact that their extradition is expected, none of them have arrived in handcuffs in Albania.

Even Dritan Shkembi, who was arrested a few days ago as part of the organizers who attacked former prosecutor Ndoj, is expected to be released, as are all other arrests of this type.

This is not the only arrest of Albanian criminals in Dubai, where they appear to have discovered the lost paradise of freedom. They were detained in a cell for a few days before being released. Plarent Dervishaj, a former member of the Durres gang, was arrested in Dubai on behalf of the Albanian state in 2020.

Despite the fact that the Albanian operation was codenamed “Nothing is Forgotten,” Dervishaj’s arrest was forgotten within three days. In the absence of an extradition agreement between the two countries, Dervishaj was released despite the fact that he is wanted for the murders of Vajdin Lama and Klodian Saliu.

The arrest of Eldi Dizdari, considered one of the most powerful people in international drug trafficking, occurred in the year 2020. Dizdari, who was apprehended during Operation Los Blancos and was wanted internationally and by Italy, escaped from prison cells. A year later, Mikael Qosja, also known as Kamani, was arrested in Dubai on suspicion of being involved in the triple execution of Enea Alibej, Albert Dylgjeri, and Turk Erdal Duranay in Elbasan in 2018.

It didn’t take long for him to be released, even though authorities seized his passport, preventing him from leaving the UAE. In addition to the arrests in Dubai, it is suspected that other names from notorious Albanian gangs are hiding there, and that they continue to engage in criminal activity even after they are apprehended.