Albanians are abandoning investments in cafes and grocery shops, more focused on technology

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Albanians are increasingly abandoning the idea of opening small shops or cafes in their neighborhoods. The prevalence of supermarket chains and organized bar lines, on the one hand, and the decline in consumption, on the other, are both reducing interest in these investment categories.

According to data from the Institute of Statistics, the number of food service enterprises has decreased by nearly 3,400 over the last six years.

“In fact, I would call it good news because nearly 43% of Albania’s registered enterprises are engaged in trade. So, in addition to bars and restaurants, it is time for more creative and sustainable entrepreneurship to face the challenges and factors that come with global developments “said investment consultant Daniel Guçe for A2 CNN.

The wind seems to be blowing towards more advanced entrepreneurship. Data show that in Tirana, where the majority of economic activity is concentrated, new investments are being made in information technology, consulting, accounting, or health-care activities.

Daniel Guçe, a small and medium-sized business expert and investment consultant, sees potential for long-term investments in tourism through innovation.

“There are two sectors in which anyone, not just young people, can invest. There is also direct support from within and outside the organization where funding can be obtained “Guçe says.

According to experts in the field, new investments require qualified human resources to achieve diversification and overcome boundaries. As a result, they believe that universities should play a larger role in updating their curricula.