Shehi: Running without a common candidate, the goal is not the elections, but who controls the opposition

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Dashamir Shehi, leader of the small opposition party “LZHK” (Movement for Human Rights), has suggested that the opposition parties in Albania form an electoral alliance with a common candidate for the upcoming local elections in May.

According to Shehi, the purpose of this alliance is not just to win the elections, but to unite against the ruling Socialist Party and its leader, Prime Minister Edi Rama, who Shehi believes is a corrupt and autocratic figure.

Shehi argues that the opposition needs to focus on this common enemy rather than their own differences, and that a united opposition with a single candidate could maximize their chances of success in the election. He also suggests that this alliance should be based on a fundamental change of strategy rather than simply a rotation of power between the existing opposition parties.

“Since the opposition is unable to articulate a position, the time has come for each player on the field to assume responsibility for their role and make the greatest possible contribution from each position. If Berisha-Meta remains in its current position, other political parties are not necessary. However, the electoral law gives us this chance, which is good for the opposition because they are supporting proportional representation in opposition to Rama, while it makes sense for the majority to have a candidate. I don’t understand how the two Democratic Party factions expect to stop others from running with their candidates if they themselves are unable to produce a candidate. Everyone has the option to run if it is done to determine who the strongest opposition is. According to this line of reasoning, all parties can obtain a majority of votes by supporting a single candidate. For proportional representation, we work with different groups so as not to interfere with each other’s efforts. People who don’t like Dash Shehi can join other parties, but they shouldn’t abstain from voting if they don’t like Berisha and Meta. We must all work together to prevail so that we can all pursue politics rather than unions of convenience. We are different. The formula is simple. Anyone who violates this formula doesn’t want to win the elections.

Shehi emphasizes that if “we deviate from this focus,” the objective is to control the opposition field rather than to win the election.

The elections are local but have a political background, and we have different opinions with Berisha on important political issues. We are united by our struggle against Mr. Rama and our decision to run a candidate. If we discuss other topics, we are not trying to defeat the opponents; rather, we are demonstrating to one another that the purpose of the elections is not to determine who controls the opposition field. This is a grave error that has no place in the democracy of today.

According to him, a fundamental change is needed, not rotation, and their alternative is an idea.

Rotation is not enough; we need a fundamental shift. We have proposed an idea, the Albanians are on board, and we are creating a driving force. We are making an effort, but if they don’t like it, they can stick with the status quo. Why can’t we defeat this dishonest foe? Because according to the Albanians, these individuals are nearly identical. It’s time for change, and not just a change in the people, but also a change in the way we think.