Pampuri: The opposition cannot discuss victory as long as we are divided

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Democratic Party member Oriola Pampuri stated during a live broadcast with the “Ditari” studio on A2 CNN that the Democratic Party’s biggest concern should be how to defeat the opposition in the May 14 local elections.

“With the court’s ruling, the DP group will become even more consolidated and legitimate in the eyes of the Central Election Commission. What should worry us is how we will be able to defeat the political rival, and the answer is not to take part in elections with multiple candidates, competing with one another for who receives more or less, ” Pampuri” said.

“We can certainly compete with one another for who has more power if we are working for personal interests. However, if we are talking about the interests of the citizens, we must put those interests first and put aside our own. We are unable to discuss success because of how divided the group has become. A divided triumph? With two candidates, can you win? One candidate beneath the PD logo, as I stated at the outset. The best course of action against our political adversary is this “inserted Pampuri

When asked if Lulzim Basha had been involved in the meetings with the electorate, Pampuri replied: “He has not been involved in this period. He has attended gatherings to which branch members have extended invitations. But Mr. Alibeaj, Mr. Bardhi, and I organized the gatherings that are specifically related to the campaign.”