Meeting with Vucic, Kurti: We are not talking about the association, but about the EU proposal

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In Brussels, there are very clear ideas for the meeting on February 27th. The Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, announced that he will sit down with Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić to discuss the European proposal. After this first meeting, he expects to learn how to proceed towards a final agreement for the normalization of relations.

“From the day of the next high-level meeting, we expect further discussions and to move forward based on that proposal. However, we cannot speak about other things now, and partly it depends on the facilitators or mediators. After Monday, we will be able to know more about what and when,” said Kurti.

As far as the Association issues are concerned, it is believed that the mediators will not be part of the conversation.

“There are five preambles, ten articles in total, and I believe that we should adhere to the proposal we have received and not the interest of one party.”

On February 27th, high-level meetings will resume in Brussels as part of the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia.

Firstly, there will be bilateral meetings between the high representatives of the European Union for foreign policy, Josep Borrell, the mediator Miroslav Lajčák with Kurti and Vučić, and then the meeting of leaders will take place.

Both Pristina and Belgrade have accepted the European proposal as a negotiating framework that leads the parties towards a final agreement for the normalization of relations.