Ilir Meta at the Special Court Against Corruption

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Ilir Meta, the head of the Freedom Party, made an appearance at the Special Prosecution Office against Corruption and Organized Crime (SPAK) on Wednesday morning. There is currently no official word on why the former president went there, but SPAK launched an investigation after former deputy Halit Valteri accused Meta of a crime last year.

In order to gather information for the ongoing investigation, the Special Prosecution Office, SPAK, has sent formal letters to the tax authorities and all second-level banks in the nation. According to sources close to SPAK, the banks were questioned about any transactions or bank accounts made by those accused by Valteri, who also includes the former president as well as Monika Kryemadhi, Vangjel Tavo, and Iraklis Fidetzis.

A review of their tax returns has also been asked for concurrently. Prosecutors Arben Kraja and Sotir Kllapi are leading the ongoing investigation at the Special Prosecution Office, which is registered without specific names of suspects.

The process is currently collecting publicly available data from institutions, and depending on any findings or suspicions, additional investigative steps, such as calling the accused and questioning him or her, may be taken.

Prior to the election, SPAK formally asked the Central Election Commission for a copy of Ilir Meta’s self-declaration form, as well as any updates.

Former deputy Valteri accused the former president and three other people of several crimes, including “corruption” and “concealment of wealth,” in the criminal complaint that was submitted to SPAK in June.

His complaint was brought about by a report in an Austrian media outlet that detailed lobbying agreements in the US that the Socialist Movement for Integration had not disclosed prior to the 2017 election season. In order to secure a photo at US President Donald Trump’s inauguration ceremony, it is claimed that lobbying was funded through offshore companies in Cyprus.

Ilir Meta and Monika Kryemadhi were the subjects of a criminal complaint from attorney Idajet Beqiri that was submitted to SPAK in September for a number of criminal offenses, including “corruption,” “money laundering,” and “concealment of wealth.”

Members of the Meta family, according to the attorney, underwent a number of pricey cosmetic procedures at a San Marino clinic. Only one of Monika Kryemadhi’s cosmetic procedures, in his estimation, cost more than 280,000 euros and was funded by a Cyprus offshore bank account.