“The big trick that was played on Kosovo”

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In an interview with Merita Haklaj on the 15th anniversary of Kosovo’s independence, Besnik Mustafaj, a former minister of foreign affairs, also discussed the formation of the association of municipalities with a Serbian majority. He emphasized that no negotiation should accept going beyond what the Ahtisaari plan stipulates.

“Kosovo is currently in a precarious situation. The Association of Serbian Municipalities was created in 2013, when Hashim Thaçi was the prime minister. Since then, I’ve believed that accepting it was a mistake. Through the Ahtisaari plan, which was also approved by the Constitution and gives 10 deputies apriori to the 4% of the population who are Serbian, Kosovo and its political class had made the greatest accommodations to Serbs.

No negotiation should consent to going beyond what is allowed by the Ahtisaari plan. The absolute minimum ought to have been done to ensure that the plan’s promises were all fulfilled. Because we would have a territorialization that included more than 25% of the territory with just 4% of the population, it was a big trick to create this community “Mustafaj said.