Tase: Equal conditions are needed for elections

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The director of the Political Studies Academy, Erion Tase, was invited to “Debate”, on A2 CNN, where he listed some of the issues that voters will face in the May 14 local elections.

According to Tase, many of the OSCE-ODIHR recommendations or Venice Commission findings were not implemented in the special committee of electoral reform because the three major parties did not want this to happen.

He goes on to say that citizens and non-parliamentary small parties should have equal opportunities to compete in elections.

“The first report, which was recently released, sought to highlight the major issue, which is a lack of reform.” We are heading into new elections with old issues. We have a parliamentary decision in which the parties vowed to fix the concerns of the last elections. We had the special commission, the conclusions of the Venice Commission, and the OSCE-ODIHR recommendations, all of which should not happen again. We held a meeting of the reform commission after more than a year, and the three parties involved viewed electoral reform as their own game. These were left untouched because they did not trust the representatives to implement them. Other parties have missed out on the opportunity to be equal in this race. People must be assured of an equal procedure “Tase stated.