Kurti on 15th anniversary of independence: Kosovo, a model of democracy in the region

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“Kosovo is an example of democracy in this problematic region, such as the Balkans. If institutions give models in other countries, in Kosovo, citizens provide the models and institutions make efforts to follow them. Our independence is the result of our centuries-long history.”

On the 15th anniversary of Kosovo’s independence, Prime Minister Albin Kurti congratulated the people of Kosovo and thanked them for their work and sacrifices. In the government meeting, he said that the work of our predecessors is a motivation for the future, and he described Kosovo today as an example of democracy in the region.

“Symbolically, we have chosen to open this day with a meeting because we wanted to convey the message that work and celebration will always go together. On this celebration, we need to remember each other when the 20th anniversary comes. Kosovo is a democratic example in a problematic region such as the Balkans, thanks to you. Our citizens provide the model. Our independence is the resolution of our centuries-long history, and we have a long history of coexistence,” said Kurti.

Prime Minister Kurti also talked about the rights that Kosovo gives to the people of different ethnic groups who live there.

“Today, on this 15th anniversary of independence, it is a time to be proud of something that Kosovo does very well, and we mean the rights we give to ethnic minorities. Nowhere in Europe do minorities enjoy rights at every level as they do here. It is up to us to ensure that this balance is not disrupted by experimental formulas that have not yielded good results wherever they have been tried.”

Kurti said that all Albanians in Kosovo should have two responsibilities in mind.

“First, we need to consider our heritage, the legacy of the generations who have given their sweat and blood for the freedom of Kosovo and have not been able to enjoy it. Every day must begin with remembering this legacy. This legacy is irrefutable because we did not come here from scratch. Kosovo is not a product of chance but of its history. Secondly, we need to consider the young people, even those who have not yet been born, and leave them a better Kosovo than the one we have found. Today, on this 15th anniversary of independence, it is a time to be proud that Kosovo does well, and by that we mean the rights of minorities. It is up to us to ensure that this balance is not disrupted,” Kurti said, among other things.