“Terror, increasing victims and hope”, the Associated Press journalist tells A2 CNN the situation in Kahramanmaraş

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A great horror, a surge in the number of victims, but also the possibility of survival. Sulejman Kllokoqi, an Associated Press journalist, characterized the scenario in Kahramanmaraş in this way. In a liveinterview with the “Ditari”, on A2 CNN, he stated that the search is ongoing, and that the pile of rubble is massive.

“There is still a lot more research to be done. In Kahramanmaraş alone there are 19,640 victims, the death toll is rising, and work is being done on the ruins. The lower the works are, the more bodies come out. It truly is a nightmare city. The city had a population of one million and thirty thousand people. It is a big amount of debris that is tough to clear. Humanitarian organizations are attempting to provide free food and water to those in need.”

According to him, the family members are still out in the cold, hoping to find relatives who may be still alive beneath the debris.

“There is hope, and family members who are waiting for surviving relatives have hope. It’s bitterly cold here. A truly terrifying sight. There are several difficulties, such as ruined structures that cannot be removed on a regular basis. They are also attempting to bring in dogs that can tell when someone is breathing under the rubble. It’s good to know that even a single person can be found alive. The city has been emptied as people are afraid to stay. It was a really powerful earthquake. There are 500 journalist teams. It is difficult for us to cover all of the points raised “.