Patozi: Not even the Court will resolve the DP issue. I see signs of a revolt, not revolution

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The Court of Appeal is due to rule on the fate of the Democratic Party on March 3, although former Bindje Democratice leader Astrit Patozi raised reservations that the judgement will be made on that day.

“Even if the court goes insane, in the opposite sense of the word, and issues that ruling on March 3, which I highly doubt. Even for a basic MP, our courts have not made a judgement; they have postponed the verdict for ten sessions. There are numerous precedents for this. Our legal system has made and continues to make mistakes. This circumstance does not surprise me “.

Furthermore, Patozi stated that even a court judgement would not resolve the situation if the parties did not cooperate.

“What surprises me is that the DP parties’ attention is focused on the court. Even if the court rules one day, their plight is not ended since it can happen again, as it did with Saranda. Even though there was a court order, he nonetheless blew up the hotel. The court cannot settle the situation if there is no spirit of cooperation.

This, however, is not a problem that affects our entire society. The opposition is led by the DP, but it is not the opposition. We should give them a chance to notice after nearly two years of being conflicted. I believe that when political reasoning is applied, a common language is always discovered “Patozi stated. 

The opposition has begun a season of protests, beginning on the boulevard in front of the prime minister’s office and continuing every day in front of the parliament when the session is held outside and within the building to prevent the usual continuation of the works.

Patozi highlighted that Berisha accuses such persons with loud political rhetoric in order to worsen the issue and divide the camps.

“I see signs of a revolt rather than a revolution. The term “revolution” is a significant one. In fact, even if it were the proper thing to do, I am opposed to the revolution because I adhere to right-wing ideas that oppose revolution. Elections, I believe, are the only means to alter authority. That is why I am opposed to other violent methods of gaining power. Berisha, I believe, employs strong political rhetoric to charge such people in order to worsen the issue and separate the camps. It is an ancient ploy, part of his political school, to divide Albania into black and white pieces. It is not a bad approach for a political party, but it is a bad strategy for society as a whole. It is not anything pleasant or admirable for the rest of society to necessitate a power rotation “Patozi stated.