Dimal Municipality officials arrested for corruption by Special Court

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At the request of the Prosecutor’s Office, the Special Court (SPAK) ordered the arrest of four officials and former officials of the Municipality of Dimal, as well as two representatives of two private enterprises, who are accused of corruption, illegal influence, and abuse of office.

According to SPAK, the investigations against the four officials and two representatives from the two companies began in 2020.

The arrested include the head of transportation, the director of the Urban Planning Office, the previous head of urban planning, the head of the National Inspectorate of Territory Protection of the Municipality of Dimal, as well as an engineer and a financier, both of whom work for a commercial enterprise.

The Serious Crimes Court has approved SPAK’s request and has ordered that 5 of them remain in prison, while the former head of Urban Planning has been handed a lighter term of “home arrest”.