Berisha: Edi Rama ordered the elimination of the opposition, will only go away with a revolution

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The president of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, during the leadership meeting, declared that Prime Minister Edi Rama “leaves only with a revolution”.

“McGonigal, who continues to make headlines throughout the world, is in prison, while the person who ordered the paid elimination of Albania’s opposition remains in power. Anyone who believes that a free vote will drive away the perpetrator of the most egregious crime against democracy and plurality, the eradication of de facto pluralism, is mistaken. It is unreal. This is the reality. This orderer of the elimination of the opposition will only be removed by a revolution. Because Albania, a NATO member state, has degenerated to the extreme. It is Europe’s first and only narco-state. It indicates that the drug mafia makes the decision “Berisha explained.

“The success of this transformation is dependent on our active communication with citizens, not on screens. We will use screens, but direct touch is the only way for the revolution to succeed. McGonigal’s arrest on the accusations, as well as the clarification that he collaborated against pluralism in Albania, was a huge benefit to us. However, as the Washington Examiner put it, policymakers should not be under the impression that McGonigal was alone. And at this time, those who carried on McGonigal’s work, with unimaginable attacks on DP, a force that was trying to maintain Western values in this country, a force that was trying to protect the rule of law, was opposing it with all its might. However, this lethal mafia was not supposed to exist. Only Edi Rama, who gave money in suitcases and fed these leeches, should have stayed in power. And that they utilized their countries’ strength against the opposition in a one-of-a-kind case “, Berisha continued.