Albana Vokshi: Edi Rama and Lindita Nikolla provoked a conflict

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The Democratic Party’s MP, Albana Vokshi, invited to “Debate”, on “A2CNN”, hosted by Alba Alishani, stated that Edi Rama and Lindita Nikolla provoked a conflict with today’s action, in which she and many other democratic representatives were not permitted to enter the Parliament hall.

Rama, according to Vokshi, is scared of free speech. She went on to say that the opposition MPs had been violated without any decision to prevent them from accessing Parliament, and that thousands of residents would be left unrepresented if the MPs were not permitted to enter.

Ms. Vokshi, what happened today, and how is this protest different from the one held on Saturday? What changed today, and why?

Saturday’s protest was only the first of many, as the opposition had anticipated. The protest in front of Parliament has been scheduled for today. Citizens demonstrated in front of the Parliament today in response to an attempted elimination in the Parliament. An attempt to eliminate parliamentarism.

In which country in the globe have you seen, and I have not seen in any country, MPs, representatives of citizens, being barred from entering the institution that should belong to the citizens, the sovereign?

My colleagues and I do not speak for ourselves, but on behalf of the citizens who voted for us. How can you exclude opposition MPs because Edi Rama dislikes hearing some truths?

Edi Rama is terrified of free expression. Edi Rama’s mistreatment of Lindita Nikolla is regrettable. They both incited confrontation. They assaulted us without a warrant in order to prevent us from accessing the Parliament. If we do not enter Parliament, thousands of citizens will be left unrepresented.