University professors will resume protests on February 22nd

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University professors will resume their protests. The first one of this year will take place on February 22nd. This was stated by the heads of the Union of University Professors, following the alleged worsening of the university crisis and the government’s failure to meet the demands.

Professors are outraged by the government’s plan to use Article 12 of the Higher Education Law, which calls for the reversion of universities to independent public institutions or foundations.

This decision, they claim, will result in the abolition of public universities. Protests by university professors began in October 2022, with a boycott of the new academic year. Following the disruption by the academic staff, the union’s movements outside the auditoriums lasted just about a month and a half.

The government resolved to increase their pay by 15%, but only 7% would come from the state budget, with the remaining 8% coming from university income. In times of crises, teachers’ demands for tripling their pay were deemed unrealistic by the government.