On February 27, Rama and Abazovic summon the cabinets in Podgorica for an intergovernmental meeting

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The second intergovernmental meeting between Albania and Montenegro will take place in Podgorica on February 27. Despite concerns in both states’ internal politics, Prime Ministers Edi Rama and Dritan Abazovic will meet to discuss matters that will require the collaboration of both ministries.

The focus of this conference, according to A2CNN, will be the construction of the Buna River Bridge, where both sides must agree on the final project and the necessary budget to be divided by the two governments.

Tirana and Podgorica intend to build the bridge, which would cost 9 million euros to build and will span 310 meters, by 2025. This development is expected to shorten the route between Ulcinj and Velipoja, and it is also expected to be utilized by pedestrians as well as motorists.

Not only will there be development as a result of this, but also more communication. Citizens will be able to move around more easily and without needing to make extensive trips.

Another intergovernmental partnership involves the restoration of the Buna River as a navigable space for ships, yachts, and other smaller vessels, with the goal of allowing you to travel from the sea to the lake.

These problems were discussed in principle by Edi Rama and Dritan Abazovic a year ago in Ohrid, where the Prime Minister of Montenegro attended the Open Balkans meeting as an observer.