Inflation “breaks” lovers’ hearts

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This year, saying “I love you” with flowers and gifts is more expensive because inflation has not spared even Valentine’s Day.

Prices, for the most part, have been included as a reason not to celebrate Valentine’s Day. However, for others, the economic situation has not dampened the mood, as florists indicate that they did not expect so many orders, particularly from immigrants.

According to market and Institute of Statistics data, chocolates have increased in price by 15%, roses by 20%, jewelry by 5%, and dinners in restaurants and excursions by 5.2% and 3%, respectively, compared to last Valentine’s Day.

Businesses have attempted to reduce profit margins in order to prevent discouraging buyers, who prefer to save where they can.

In comparison to last year, jewelers say that customers are opting toward silver rather than gold, and those who choose precious stones prefer lesser sizes.