Berisha convenes leadership as SP continues with suspension of MPs: We’re not leaving the Parliament

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The Socialists’ proposal to suspend Sali Berisha, Flamur Noka, Belind Këlliçi, and Edi Paloka from Parliament for 10 days for blocking the pulpit and using harsh language in the previous plenary session arrived at the Parliament today.

“We are not going to hand over the parliament”. This was the word delivered to the socialists by the democratic leader from the PD leadership meeting at their headquarters.

“We must increase the level of opposition in parliament. We do not have the authority to hand over the parliament. We represent 750 thousand registered voters”, Berisha explained.

According to Berisha, the socialist majority’s measures to suspend Democratic Party MPs week after week aims to pressure the opposition into boycotting the polls.

“Everything is being done to steal the elections. We must oppose any conduct, any activity, any attempt to circumvent the law of elections and steal them. We do not intend to boycott the elections “, the former Prime Minister stated.

Berisha added that the Democrats will not use violence to bring down the Rama government, and he addressed the leadership to explain the Democrats why the PD protests are nonviolent.

Berisha stated that the revolution is critical in dismantling what the DP refers to as Edi Rama’s regime.