Berisha: US Ambassador involved with the efforts to destroy Albanian opposition

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Sali Berisha, the leader of the Democratic Party, has accused American Ambassador Yuri Kim of being a part of the plan to destroy the opposition and increase Edi Rama’s dominance. In the A2 CNN Debate studio, the Democratic leader referred to the ambassador as a Siamese sister of McGonigal and stated that she remains silent on the topic because she is corrupt.

“I have hundreds of evidence regarding this, and I am here today to tell Albanians that Sali Berisha’s declaration of non-cooperation, which I have labeled as a choice based on corrupt lobbying by Edi Rama and Soros, was a decision based on corruption. I don’t believe there is a single Albanian who is unaware of Governor Yuri Kim’s unconstitutional, illegal, and anti-diplomatic efforts to silence a country’s opposition, which is now deafeningly silent. Kim remains mute because, just as McGonigal was corrupted and involved in a disgraceful and unprincipled fight to eliminate the Albanian opposition, Mrs. Kim was corrupted and engaged in a shameful and unprincipled campaign to destroy the Albanian opposition. I condemned it at the time; this is how Ms. Kim became corrupted and became involved in a horrible effort to crush the Albanian opposition. Without being able to give even a single proof to the Albanians and the world community, when the opposition was and is the most pro-American populace, they were shown the grass, they were told not to vote this or that. When emissaries arrived and stated they had files to provide, “.

“Her vacations with government leaders and others connected to them have been widely condemned by the media; this has not been refuted and has been stated publicly multiple times. There is no Agron Neze who takes money and delivers it to a restaurant or parking lot, but corruption exists in various ways. They were blatantly corrupt conduct that did not reflect the noble ideas upon which the United States constitution was founded. Why is the lady now silent? She spoke to the Albanians about the sea and the mountains, about Enkelejd Alibeaj and Lulzim Basha, Rama and all succeeding ministers, why does she not say anything at this time of deepest crisis since Enver Hoxha’s suspension of diplomatic relations with the United States? Is she under any obligation? She showed little regard for Albanians and pursued an agenda aimed at crushing the opposition and consolidating the authority of Edi Rama, the most corrupt of them. She is involved in this scenario “.

To show the corruption, Berisha mentioned the media which published her vacations with government officials and those close to them.

Berisha also included the British ambassador in Tirana, Alastair King-Smith, who, according to him, shares similar goals with Erjon Veliaj and Lul Basha, including the annihilation of the opposition.

“Alastair King-Smith, the British ambassador, plays a role in this situation by calling journalists and telling them who should and should not be involved in Albanian politics. This has a lot in common with Erjon Veliaj and Lul Basha, and he has a Siamese McGonigal mentality toward opposition and destruction. I will never tolerate an ambassador acting like he is a colony of his nation; this is a sovereign country. And I promise that this ambassador, with his unwavering backing for the dictatorship and these persons, is responsible for the death of hope and the exodus of Albanians from Albania “.