Berisha: Saturday’s protest, part of the revolution to bring down Edi Rama

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The head of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, welcomed to the “Debate” studio by Alba Alishani, on A2 CNN, stated that Saturday’s protest scheduled by the opposition “is the beginning of a revolution that must remove Edi Rama at all means and his criminal organization from power”.

“The Rama-McGonigal controversy was the reason for this protest, but it is one of the incidents that has horrified the United States, free nations, and Albanian public opinion the most. This affair has many dimensions. The first is the dimension of treason and a stab in the back that Edi Rama inflicts on the United States by corrupting and recruiting in a humiliating and mafia-like manner the man in charge of their security, NATO nations, and the free world. This is an act of hostility toward a country that Albania would never conduct. This is a backstabbing that depicts the Albanian as disloyal to his friends and partners. A backstabbing that could only be used against enemies and never against friends, “Berisha said.

“On the other side, this scandal has revealed another another dimension, which is the extraordinarily lethal nature of the mafia that runs the Albanian state. Edi Rama buys support and positions with narcoeuros and state assets. He is not afraid to utilize all sorts of corruption against people who have sway over public opinion in Albania. McGonigal is not a unique example, I tell Albanians. I have informed how a head of the election observation delegation in 2001 took the suitcase of money from Fatos Klosi. This is the legacy of a party that corrupts in all forms, employing every unethical and unlawful methods possible “, the Democratic Party leader remarked.

According to him, the third important aspect of this situation is “is Edi Rama’s attempt to eliminate the Albanian opposition by utilizing the most powerful people. Edi Rama was able to hold the former Democratic Party chairman under his orders with the investigations conducted in Albania, with the closure of the Basha file, thanks to McGonigal’s assistance “.