Berisha on British ambassador: King-Smith, adventurer with personal interests to Veliaj and Basha

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After the American ambassador, DP leader Sali Berisha, who was invited to the “Debate,” attacks another well-known diplomatic representation, the ambassador of the United Kingdom, Alastair King-Smith, whom he sees as the perpetrator of the same conspiracy against him.

“The same goes for Alastair King-Smith, who still gathers journalists and tells them, like a young adventurer two centuries ago, who should and should not be in Albanian politics. In fact, he has a lot in common with Erion Veliaj and Lulzim Basha. He is. I have no personal interests, but I do have national interests, and I refuse to accept that an ambassador acts as if this is a colony of his country; this is a sovereign country. I promise that his ideas, and the unflinching support he has provided to this dictatorship, are a factor, if a little one, of the death of hope and the exodus of Albanians from their homeland “.

But, do the ambassadors reflect the same stance held by the leadershipt of their own countries ? The former prime minister strongly rejects this.

“They never portray it. Because those countries are trustworthy allies, the ambassador acted for personal gain. There are several ambassadors here, and they have demonstrated respectable stances in accordance with their respective nations’ laws and international treaties, while this one considers who would reign here. This can only be decided by the Albanians by a free vote “.