Albanian Search and Rescue operator on the current situation in Maltaya, Turkey

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The member of the Albanian search and rescue team, Leonard Qyra, has been invited to “Ditari” at 09:00 on A2CNN, and through a LIVE transmission from Malatya, Turkey.

Qyra claims that the situation is critical because so many buildings have collapsed, and that both the Albanian and Maltese teams worked tirelessly all night.

While saying that people are not permitted to enter their homes, he emphasized that the Albanian team has all the necessary search and rescue instruments to carry out these activities.

“Many buildings have collapsed, and the situation is dire. The effort of the Albanian search and rescue teams, which began last night, continues today.

Albanian teams also supplied much-needed medical care.

The Turkish Emergencies decided to set us up in Malatya, and we’re joined by a team from Malta.

Our experts have been using specialized equipment to search the remains for indications of life.

It was a great moment yesterday when we rescued a young child, maybe 4 or 5 years old.

How long do you expect to operate in that area?

The Turkish forces, our own, and the ones who arrived from Malta are the only ones we can see actively engaged on the ground in this area. Many structures are in disrepair, and much maintenance is required.

How serious is the situation in Malatya, exactly?

This is an extremely challenging situation. Besides the obvious danger posed by the collapsed structure, search and rescue efforts are complicated by the widespread snowfall and subzero temperatures.

Due to concerns that the buildings may collapse even in Malatya, inhabitants are not permitted inside.

What equipment are you working with? How can you reveal the possible locations of inhabitants beneath the ruins?

Our duty is to respond to the Turkish operational center of Civil Emergencies. The action is coordinated by Malatya’s own emergency center. Our troops have everything they need to launch a rescue mission.”