A2CNN live from the epicenter of the earthquake in Turkey: New residential buildings collapsed, citizens slept in vehicles

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In a live reporting, A2CNN journalist Julian Kasapi has provided an overview of the situation in one of the places most hit by the tragic earthquake that struck Turkey in the early hours of Monday, where more than 8,300 people have been killed. Thousands more were hurt.

The search and rescue crews, according to journalist Kasapi, have continued their work without interruption, with the most hit areas being Gaziantep and Karamanrash. He went on to say that the entire area is deemed high risk, and that sporadic tremors had been reported, but nothing too severe.

“Search and rescue crews have been on the scene for several days. The most affected areas are Gaziantep and Karamanrash, which are located near the earthquake’s epicenter. The entire neighborhood is labeled a high danger area because all of the buildings are damaged and we are not permitted to approach.

An eight-story building has entirely collapsed. Seismic tremors occur on a regular basis, however they are not severe. Manual labor continued throughout the night. Tents have been set up for all residents to sleep in.

Why do some really tall buildings succumb to earthquakes while others do not? What can you tell us about the construction quality in that area?

It is mainly blocks of new buildings, although we cannot yet comment on their quality, but the entire area is at risk, since any tremor could result in the collapse of these structures.

Although tents were provided, citizens spent the night in their vehicles due to the cold.

A2CNN journalist Julian Kasapi is reporting from Gaziantep, Turkey.