A2CNN on the war front: Kindergartens and schools are open in Kiev, while Russian bombing continues in the suburbs

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Journalist Julian Kasapi spoke in “Debate” by Alba Alishani on “A2CNN” through a Live broadcast from Kharkiv, Ukraine, where he primarily focused on the situation in the capital, Kiev.

Journalist Kasapi states that compared to other cities in the suburbs, the situation there appears calmer because life goes on regularly there, with schools and nurseries open for kids.

As a result of military advance and escalation in Russian airstrikes in various towns, including those targeting residential areas where there have been casualties, the situation is growing more and more tense as it leaves Kiev.

The Ukrainian army is ready within Ukraine. The situation is more normal than it was a year ago from Lviv to Kiev. Kiev is a living city; kindergartens and schools are operational. The Ukrainian army only carried out several bombings in the Kiev outskirts, thankfully with no casualties.

As soon as you depart Kiev, the crisis only intensifies as you encounter more and more barriers. To avoid the Russian bombs, many suburban residents who live far from Kiev have left their homes.

What most impresses you about the situation in Ukraine? Do Ukrainians fear a potential Russian onslaught on February 24, the first anniversary of the invasion?

What strikes you as most impressive is how many residents appear to have adjusted to this predicament and lead normal lives. The circumstance is really challenging. Since everything takes place in Kramatorsk, it was also advised that we depart since the situation there hasn’t been great lately due to Russian bombs.

Ukrainian reporter for A2CNN from Kharkiv