A2 CNN visits Chasiv Yar, Ukraine, 17 kilometers from the front line

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The Chasiv Yar town, which is only 17 kilometers from Bakhmut, the scene of the most intense combat, was visited by the A2 CNN team.

The town of Chasiv Yar is situated between two fires. Russian and Ukrainian shells are on opposite sides. Only a few residents remain in the city as it is constantly bombarded by both sides.

Few people settle in the city, but those who do have one common goal: they want the war to stop as soon as possible.

“We don’t have any water, so I walk outside to collect snow for drinking. We want peace and stability”, an elderly person tells the A2 CNN camera.

The few residents that are still there spend the most of their time in shelters.

“There are bombings all the time. Due to the lack of water and electricity, we spend the majority of our time inside homes and shelters “another local says.

There are also individuals in the shelter who describe the horrific nature of the Bakhmut war.

“Here, I live with my mom and grandma. After the house was destroyed, I left Bakhmut. What happened to me after I lost everything is unbelievable. My sister is still in Bakhmut, and I’m waiting for her. Due to the city’s lack of signal, I have attempted to reach her through volunteers. We will depart for the west as soon as the sister arrives here “, says another local.

The local army has also advised journalists to leave Kramatorsk, which was once thought to be somewhat safer but is now turning into a dangerous area.