A2 CNN at the front, 100 meters from a rocket explosion

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A2 CNN is on the ground in Ukraine, reporting from the front lines with journalist Julian Kasapi and cameraman Endrit Myftari. The film crew was stationed near Bakhmut, which has turned into a battleground between Russian and Ukrainian forces.

On Wednesday evening, Vladimir Putin’s army continued to launch attacks, one of which resulted in the total destruction of a building while also causing damage to a building that was adjacent to it. Journalist Julian Kasapi reports from the scene that at least one person has been confirmed dead, while rescue teams are on the scene and working to extricate other suspected people who may have remained under the rubble.

“The explosion was massive. This occurred only 100 meters from where we are staying. The explosion could be heard throughout the neighborhood”, the journalist informs.

According to Kasapi, 200,000 people lived in that eastern part of Ukraine a year ago, but only 60,000 people live there now.

During the day, the A2 CNN journalist interviewed Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko, a former boxing champion. Klitschko emphasizes that Russia still has feelings for the Soviet Union and that Ukrainians see themselves as part of this idea. “But that time has passed,” he tells A2, adding that he hopes the war will end as soon as possible.

“We fought this war not only with the support of Ukrainian citizens, but also with that of the capital. More than 700 buildings and 470 apartments were destroyed in Kiev, and more than 150 civilians, including four children, were killed. Millions of people’s normal lives in Ukraine, and not just in Ukraine, but throughout Europe, have been destroyed. We are currently facing numerous challenges”, said the mayor of Kiev for A2 CNN.