Albania covered by snow, 1100 hectares flooded in Shkodër

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There was snowfall throughout the night in the Korça District, mainly in the quota over 1200 meters, but also in the axis Korçe-Voskopoje and Korçe-Qafa e Qarrit-Erseke, where there is minor snowfall, and work is being done with snow removal instruments and asphalt salting.

At the time, traffic is not an issue. The key national and tourism segments Qafa e Thana-Pogradec-Korçe-Kapshtice, Korçe-Voskopoje, Boboshtice-Dardhe, and Korçe-Qafa e Qarrit-Erseke have remained open and without issues; work on their maintenance has been done throughout the night.

During the night, there were high gusts and severe showers in Kolonje, while there was 2-3 cm of snow in the morning. As a result, there have been damages to two schools in Selenice – Shalsi and Borove, which are being repaired. The municipality will complete the work in the first two schools today, and classes will resume as usual tomorrow. For a long period, the “Borova” did not function as a school.

There has been an improvement in the energy supply; nonetheless, there are still occasional faults in the municipalities of Pogradec, Joll, Devoll, Ipan, Korçe, Kodra, and Peshtan, all of which are part of the Vithkuq Administrative Unit.

The Drin River level has increased by 40 centimeters in the Shkoder district, to a quota of 6 meters and 15 centimeters, while the lake level has risen by 5 centimeters. According to officials, the total flooded area in Shkodr Municipality is approximately 1100 hectares.

A high-passage truck is operating with four army soldiers on the Oboti road, where the water level has reached 55 cm, while the Oblika 1 Aqueduct is shut down.

There have been snow precipitations in Gjinar in Elbasan, although salt has been poured to prevent accidents, as well as in Labinot mountain and the Funari area.

Even Llogoraja was coated in snow this morning, which caused no problems with vehicle traffic. The route is open and can be traversed without a chain; in the meantime, snow plows have been working throughout the night to keep the road clear.

Snowfall at an elevation of over 700 meters has replaced rain in the Kuks district’s hilly parts. Shishtaveci is completely coated in whiteness, with snow up to 7 centimeters deep. There has been snowfall at the Ura e Zapodit-Shishtavec segment, where the maintenance business has worked with snow removal gear to keep traffic flowing smoothly.

Please keep in mind that national routes are usually navigable by automobiles. The teams are cleaning and salting the roadways.