Vaccine that protects against new Omicron variations

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Doctor Rubina Muzina demonstrated in a live interview with the “Debate” studio by Alba Alishani on A2 CNN that bivalent vaccines are the ones that protect against the new Omicron variants.

“There have been three outbreaks in the United States since October: flu, Covid, and a respiratory virus. Viruses cohabit, with one catching the wave and then sitting down to catch another. The Kraken was assumed to be a sub-variant at first, but it is actually a recombined variety that gained genetic material from two Omicron variants, enhancing transmissibility. However, there were no high hospitalizations because it was unable to connect to lung cells. We’ll have to wait a few weeks to get a comprehensive image. The strength of this virus is low, but we are concerned about the high transmission rate “, Muzina explained.

“The bivalent vaccine, which has already arrived in Albania, protects against Omicron variations,” the doctor stated.

According to Artan Simaku, a specialist at the Institute of Public Health, this vaccine is available in our country: “We’ve had it for a while, which is why we’re urging people to get vaccinated against both the flu and Covid. In winter, the interest of citizens for immunizations from all age groups grows”.