Infectious diseases and cyber attacks will be the most serious threats to Albania in 2023

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These are the two primary threats that Albania faces this year. The findings given by the Albanian institutions have been published in the study “Global Risks 2023” of the Global Economic Forum.

“Only the beginning of this year demonstrated that a new sub-variant of XBB can threaten a new pandemic wave that worries the entire continent. While in Albania, the dread and obstacles are several times bigger, 2-10 times greater, because the Albanian health system has yet to mature to manage storms of health crises “, according to Syncron Aurora Dollenberg, an Albanian doctor in Germany.

Meanwhile, the risk of cyber attacks is mostly tied to the country’s vulnerable digital infrastructure and the materials collected by Iranian hackers from institutions. “Hackers are attempting to instill fear in citizens and the Albanian government. They demonstrate that they have obtained sensitive information from the institutions by sharing the data. I believe their behavior will continue indefinitely “, according to IT expert Esmeralda Kazia.

The conclusions revealed in the “Global Risks 2023” study should serve as a warning to Albanian institutions to strengthen vigilance in order to prepare for the unexpected, according to officials from the health and digital sectors.

“At the end of the day, it is also an instruction on how Albanian health should act to prepare, so that we have at least a little bit of preparation so that even if we face pandemic waves now in the spring, we will not have collapses,” Dollenberg adds.

“I believe that a specialized security center staffed by skilled professionals is required. We also require technology implementation, which necessitates a significant expenditure “Kazia explains.

Apart from contagious diseases and cyber threats, the list of dangers that Albania faces this year includes price increases, raw material cost increases, and a food supply crisis.