The president’s message to journalists is to be inspirational while also having the power of truth.

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“The media, like many of its democratic sisters, must have the power of truth, vision, and inspiration. It’s finally time. It is an opportunity. There is also assistance. Be an inspiring, high-quality reference for young people who interact with the news media, and you will accomplish the power of your appropriate job! “. The President of the Republic, Bajram Begaj, communicated this message to journalists at a ceremony hosted by the presidency, as he showed his support for them.

“Aside from the fourth power, the media serves a purpose. I’d like to thank you and everyone else who has contributed to this mission. I am aware that your profession has its own set of issues, which include not only professional challenges but also economic security and working conditions. You will find in me and the President of the Republic an attentive listener and a readiness to assist in ensuring that media professionals receive the treatment, recognition, and security they deserve. You have the ability to reveal truths that we can learn better and differently from you. Regarding these facts, whatever they may be, and particularly my activity and the President’s Institution: I guarantee you that there will be no requests of any type regarding the timing and manner in which they will be presented. Our job is to give you with all of the information and assistance that the law, democracy, and civic engagement need.”

However, the head of state expressed reservations about the level of media, from fake news to terminology that lacks any type of quality filter.

“Let me voice a concern that many Albanians of various generations share. Our media space does not meet the needs of Albanian society. Too frequently, the media becomes a political arena, where anything is conceivable, from fake news to a lack of quality filtering. Criticism and innovations brought about by the media and social networks can help society attain its goals. However, it is unfortunate when this chance is utilized to spread the dirt of anyone with open accounts, with personal past, or with the history or justice of our country “.