Building floors added without permit to be sold by public auction by government

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  The government has decided that floors added to buildings illegally are going to be sold at public auction or will be transferred to the housing fund for social housing.

Unlicensed floors will be auctioned off. The government has authorized a handbook that specifies how square meters erected without a building permission will be treated, with the first step being their sale. This executive action began in September, and it has already been determined how to proceed with them. The first is the public auction, where it is stated in the instructions that the sale will be done based on market value rather than the property map with which the government carries out the expropriations: “The object is evaluated in accordance with its true market value. Assessment specialists are accountable for the evaluation performed, the documentation they prepare and sign, and the final assessment report, which includes the minimum value of the auction sale “.

Following the evaluation that determines the starting price in the auction, the second stage begins, detailing how the money that will be benefited will be managed: “The public auction will be used to design the method for transferring real rights to confiscated property. The proceeds from the sale will be utilized for expropriation, preferential treatment, or compensation in order to fund public works projects “.

The directive also includes a second option for floors without a permit: giving them away for social housing, which is only done when this interest outweighs the sale, and this determination will be made by the government itself: “Institutions interested in using confiscated objects will express their desire to the ministry in charge of state property administration to use them for their purposes. When it finds itself in a fair relationship with the public interest, this institution transfers them by decision of the Council of Ministers “.

This order is already an executive title, and it does not preclude individuals who have built in violation of the building permission from the right to purchase.