Albania’s satellites, Albania 1 and Albania 2, are launched into space

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This past Tuesday, Albania’s two satellites, Albania 1 and Albania 2, were launched by the Falcon 9 rocket as a part of the cooperative SpaceX Transporter 6 mission.

“This was promised and now it is done. The SpaceX Transporter 6 rocket, which also carries our satellites, Albania 1 and Albania 2, into space, launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida “Rama posts on Facebook and uploaded pictures of the Falcon 9 rocket taking off.

The confirmation that the satellite service through the two satellites “Albania 1” and “Albania 2″ will start providing us with vital imaging data for civic emergencies” the Defense Minister Niko Peleshi declared a few days before the new year.

“With the launch of these satellites, we enter another age in the function of law enforcement, in the function of fighting corruption, in the function of strengthening the state, in the function of equality before the law, but also in the function of the equal right to benefit from all state support,” Prime Minister Rama remarked at the signing ceremony in September 2022.

The two satellites will set the Albanian government back $6 million, or 671,760,000 ALL, over a three-year period.