Debate on the economic “Great Package”: It is being used for electoral purposes

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The “Great Package,” as the Prime Minister referred to the new package of financial assistance to mitigate the consequences of price hikes, was the topic of discussion in the “A2 Business” studio on Friday evening.

According to the invited experts, the 7.8 billion lek package is a welcome and essential step, but it is still insufficient.

According to Adrian Civici, an economic specialist, the aid package is substantial in comparison to what has been observed thus far. He also expressed hope that it was not the only one.

“This is not the definitive separation, in my opinion. In terms of what has happened in the last few years, it appears to be the most significant bundle. It is an excellent bundle for our circumstances. I doubt it will be the only one. It should be evaluated as a metric. The message is positive”, he stated.

However, Arlinda Muja, president of the Microfinance Association, believes that any assistance for residents is good, but she emphasizes that it is for a different form of aid scheme. According to Muja, the most effective solution would be long-term indirect aid that would allow firms to help themselves.

However, according to Zana Guxholli, an economic analyst, the package is “miserable,” and the fact that it will be distributed after the New Year indicates that it will be utilized for electoral purposes.

Ms. Guxholli noted that costs had grown by 25%, and the impact of this package on citizens’ pockets will be minimal. Adrian Civici, who highlighted the importance of our economy and money, disagreed with Guxholli’s position.