Albania signs agreement for buying Bayraktar drones from Turkey

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The Prime Minister’s Office in Tirana hosted the meeting for the signing of the contract between the Albanian government and Turkey for the acquisition of the fleet of “Bayraktar” drones.

In his remarks, Prime Minister Rama, who was also present at the meeting, acknowledged that it was challenging to come to such an understanding but insisted that it was crucial to be on the right side of it. Such is true for Albania and Turkey’s bilateral relationship, particularly in the area of defense.

“We all know that when it comes to unmanned vehicles, or drones as they are often known, having the money is not enough; you also need to be able to push and past others in line since the line is really long. It implies that you must be on the correct side. Today is a very excellent day for our alliance, for our armed forces, as well as for the defense ministries of Turkey and Albania. This is a natural connection that has developed over time and is currently at its peak. It keeps getting better and better.”

More than 30 personnel will receive training from “Bayraktar” commanders on how to properly assume control of the Kuçova airfield, according to the head of the Albanian government.

“With this agreement, we provide a fresh body of knowledge to the region in addition to the greatest technology available in this industry. More than 30 personnel will receive training from “Bayraktar.” They will receive instruction, get ready, sit for tests, and be ready to perform the duties at the Kuçova air station”, Rama declared.