Kurti accuses Vucic of trying to bring back the past: “That ship has sailed”

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Albin Kurti, the prime minister of Kosovo, again accused Serbia of being to blame for the situation in the north of the nation as a result of Belgrade’s hysteria during an interview with the German daily “Der Spiegel.”

He claims that this is all the result of Serbia being forced by the United States and the European Union to choose between siding with Russia or the West.

Kurti talked about Serbia’s proposal to KFOR to send 1000 Serbian troops to Kosovo among other topics.

“Vucic wants to go back in time, but that is impossible. This ship has sailed. Our proclamation of independence has been upheld by the International Court of Justice. No higher court exists on this planet “Kurti said.

Kurti also discussed Kosovo’s intentions to join the European Union during the conversation.