Covid postpones Chollet’s visit to Kosovo, Escobar meets Osmani and Kurti about situation in north

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The visit took place in a very tense situation in Kosovo. The blockades imposed by the Serbs in the north have been the major theme of discussions between the US special envoy for the Western Balkans, Gabriel Escobar, and the officials in Pristina. The first person to greet him at the office was President Vjosa Osmani, who requested for his assistance in removing trucks and other vehicles from the roadways of northern Kosovo.

“President Osmani has stressed the urgent necessity to dismantle the roadblocks in the country’s north established by unlawful structures formed into criminal gangs and commanded by Vuçiç,” said the Kosovo presidency.

Prime Minister Albin Kurti was the next to open the door of his office. The major topic of discussion was, of course, the elimination of hurdles in Kosovo’s north, the restoration of peace, and the future of the dialogue and its completion with mutual recognition between Kosovo and Serbia.

Along with Escobar, the Department of State’s adviser, Derek Chollet, was scheduled to visit Pristina, however his visit was pushed back to the beginning of 2023 because to Covid-19 illness. Meanwhile, several worldwide reactions to the situation have emerged, with the major demand being the dismantling of the barriers. The German foreign minister strongly reacted to President Aleksandr Vucic’s announcement that he is considering sending the army to the north of Kosovo.

“Kosovo de-escalated tensions by deferring municipal elections. Serbia’s most recent statements did the opposite. The idea of sending Serbian military to Kosovo is completely unacceptable. Such are the latest Eulex assaults in Kosovo. I wholeheartedly welcome the EU-mediated dialogue “Ana Barbeock said.

The French government has condemned what is taking place in the North and has called for the restoration of peace.