Genetic studies, Albanians still share same DNA with the Arberesh in Italy, strong similarities with Greeks

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The DNA of the Albanian people is still the same with the Italian Arberesh, who moved from Albania to Italy more than 500 years ago, but we also share significant genetic connections with the Greeks.

This is the result of a study on the genetic linkages in the Mediterranean population conducted by geneticists from the University of Tirana and the University of Bologna.

Academician Ilia Mikerezi, one of the study’s authors, told A2CNN that genetic ties to Arbresh people in Italy remain strong.

It was also discovered that we are genetically related to the population of northern Greece.

Meanwhile, the Albanian Academy of Sciences intends to investigate the genetic link between today’s Albanian and Illyrian populations through its Department of Nano-science.

Earlier research has found genetic similarities between Albanians and Balkan communities as a result of their migrations over time.