Foreign investments in a time of crisis, Caslli: The situation not in our favor

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Today’s guest to A2 Business, where the topic of foreign investments in times of crisis was discussed, economic analyst Maksim Caslli stated that the current scenario does not suit our country at all, emphasizing that investments may only come from those who have sentimental links to our country.

“Every company in the world is studying how the situation will be after the crisis, and they are not looking to invest in little markets like Albania right now.”

If we look at our smaller regional market, it is the size of Greece or other nations, and it is not the most desirable location to invest in,”

Apart from the geography, you must have additional ties in Albania to invest, and sentimental links with Albanians play a larger role here. We are not in the condition we were in 30 years ago when we required capital; now that we have it, we need foreign investments for the experience they provide,” Caslli explained.