The Roaming Agreement signed at the EU-Western Balkans Summit in Tirana, one of the first steps to assist EU accession

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Albanian Deputy Prime Minister Belinda Balluku said during the joint conference on the “roaming” accord that it “integrates our region further into the system of basic rights of every European, that of the free movement of people, products, ideas, and economic connections, which are obviously very vital.”

“The entire population benefits from this drawn-out technological process. However, it is a procedure that is carried out by over 100 operators, with whom it has been and is still being negotiated ” Balluku explained.

While Oliver Varhelyi, the European Union’s Commissioner for Enlargement, stressed that “any complete and successful digital transition” must “make mobile telephony affordable for all Europeans.”

Meanwhile, a representative of one of the operators emphasized that the agreement reached today will benefit both people and businesses in addition to advancing cooperation between the EU and the Western Balkans: “The operators’ investments in the area are another factor in the reduction of roaming fees. In order to deliver the greatest services possible, we must make investments in network capacity, frequency spectrum, and infrastructure. One of the first stages toward the Western Balkans’ EU membership is this initiative “.