Joint statement of the EU-Western Balkan summit regarding Kosovo: Dialogue with Serbia is critical for the entire region

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A2 CNN has obtained a copy of the joint statement that the leaders of the European Union and the Western Balkans will issue at the conclusion of the Summit on Tuesday in Tirana.

The joint declaration underscores the importance of the Balkan nations’ strategic engagement with the EU in the face of Russian aggression in Ukraine, which threatens world peace and security. The EU further reiterates its entire commitment to the Western Balkans’ integration prospects, which are based on credible reforms and meritocratic norms.

The EU welcomes partner countries in the Western Balkans’ resolve to uphold European ideals and principles in conformity with international law.

Staying with the EU is a strong indication of the partners’ geopolitical attitude, especially as Russia continues its conflict and aggression in Ukraine. A common future vision entails shared duties.

“As we expand our collaboration with partners, we urge them to make rapid and consistent progress toward complete alignment with the EU’s Foreign and Security Policy. We thank those Western Balkans partners who have previously demonstrated strategic commitment and encourage those who have not to do so “.

The statement emphasizes once again that the EU is the region’s closest partner, the leading investor, as well as the largest commercial partner and donor.

Concerning the discussion between Kosovo and Serbia, the paper expresses complete support for the process and urges it to continue, seeing it as a vital moment for the region’s stability and prosperity.