Dua Lipa in Tirana: “Let’s change the stigma towards Albanians. I feel lucky to come from a country like this”

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World music superstar Dua Lipa said she is thrilled to be in Albania to wrap up her tour after 94 gigs throughout the globe just a few hours before the massive Independence Day concert in Tirana.

She declared that she would take advantage of the chance to reveal the true nature of Albanians to the world. “I believe that xenophobia must be combated globally in order to benefit everyone, not just ourselves. To change the negative stereotype of Albanians, it is the only thing we can do. I believe that many people try to convince us that we are not who we claim to be, therefore I felt the need to communicate that we have the right to be proud “, Dua Lipa remarked.

The musician proudly displayed the citizenship and the Albanian passport that President Begaj had presented to him the day before. “Being able to represent my nation is both a privilege and a source of great pride for me. I’m also happy to do so in a positive manner since we must work to dispel negative stereotypes about Albanians. However, I consider myself really fortunate to be from this country, as we are very proud of our heritage “.