British Parliament debate on Albanian immigrants and reactions from Albanian politicial actors

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The new British government appears to be serious about addressing the issue of illegal immigration to the country, which has become a serious problem, with thousands of migrants arriving by sea, many of whom are Albanians.

In this approach, the ministers are devising a strategy that calls for the quick return of Albanian immigrants, the majority of whom seek asylum after entering the United Kingdom.

According to this plan, Albanian emigrants would return to their home country within a few days so that they do not have time to seek asylum, as Albania is regarded as a secure country and emigrants from this country can only profit from the status of asylum seeker in extremely exceptional circumstances.

Current policies require migrants to stay in hotels when they arrive in the UK, but this comes at a high cost to British taxpayers.

Experts warn, however, that attempting to repatriate newcomers to the country without the option of a judicial process may be a violation of international law.

While authorities only processed 4% of asylum requests from those who crossed the channel illegally last year, British taxpayers are currently footing the bill for thousands of asylum seekers staying in hotels at a cost of at least £7 million per day.

The British government is already in a desperate attempt to dissuade young Albanians from crossing the English Channel, some of whom have criminal intentions.

Immigration Minister Robert Jenrick recently stated that the government will try to develop a fast-track method to expedite the removal of illegal immigrants.

He stated that the accord made last year resulted in the return of 1,000 Albanians, but he believed that many more would be returned in the coming months.

Thousands more Albanian asylum seekers are anticipated to arrive from the United Kingdom immediately. The well-known media “Daily Mail” reports on this, emphasizing that it is part of a plan by Rishi Sunak’s new government to alleviate the situation with illegal immigration in the English Channel. Britain hopes to eliminate the appeal procedure for rejected asylum seekers as well as the hefty cost of putting them in hotels or other facilities, which may cost the state budget up to 7 million pounds every day.

Albanian PM Edi Rama condemned the language used by the British Home Affairs Minister, accused them of using Albanains as scapegoats for their failed policies at the border and regarding crime

Rama stated “Targeting Albanians as the source of crime in Britain and border difficulties (as some shamelessly did when campaigning for Brexit) is simple rhetoric that ignores facts. It is insane to keep doing the same things and expecting different results. Ask Einstein”.

“70% of the 140,000 Albanians who immigrated to the UK came from Italy and Greece. 1200  of them are businessmen. Albanians in the United Kingdom work hard and pay taxes. The United Kingdom must combat criminal gangs of all nationalities and stop using Albanian discrimination to justify failed policies “said the prime minister in a series of English tweets.

“Albania is a NATO member and is in talks to join the EU. It is also a secure point of origin. When Germany encountered a similar issue, they tightened their systems. The UK may and should do the same, rather than using criminal hyperbole to punish the innocent. Albania is not a wealthy country, and it has long been a victim of empires; we have never had our own. We have a responsibility to combat crime in our country, and we are doing so tenaciously while also cooperating with others. Ready to collaborate more closely with the UK, but facts matter. Similarly, mutual respect “.

In an interview with the BBC on Wednesday evening, Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama accused Britain of using his country’s citizens as scapegoats to defend failed border and immigration policies. According to Rama, Braverman’s speech was insane and fostered xenophobia.

“It is no longer about a person, but about the environment that has been established, with scapegoats being sought and others being blamed. It has nothing to do with Albanians, foreigners, or gangsters, but rather with failed border and crime policies. This is not policy, nor is it a program, nor is it a vision. It fosters xenophobia by focusing on and singling out one community. I admire all British politics stands for, but I am sickened by this type of politics, which is certain to fail “Rama said.

British Prime Minister reacted after Rama’s declaration on BBC

The British Prime Minister’s office, Rishi Sunak, reacted to Prime Minister Edi Rama’s words that Britain should not discriminate against Albanians but should seek to tighten its borders against illegal immigration.

Sunak’s spokeswoman stated that the United Kingdom has a great relationship with Albania and is appreciative to our country for its efforts to prevent human trafficking. “We want to continue doing everything we can with international partners to disrupt human traffickers’ economic models, and we are grateful to Albania for its efforts with us in this regard,” the statement states.

Rama at the Berlin Process summit urged British government to learn from their German counterparts regarding similar matters

Rama also urged British authorities not to discriminate against Albanian immigrants at the Berlin Process event that his country has never complained and has taken considerable steps to address the issue. The Prime Minister of Albania went on to remark that the British should come to Germany to learn how to handle their problems.

“I didn’t hear any German politicians or ministers discussing the Albanian immigration invasion. I didn’t hear them declare that Albanians are criminals, but I did see a resolve to manage the situation with dignity, putting Albania among the safe countries and putting an end to the turbulence of the time. Instead of launching a bizarre story about invaders and gangsters, British representatives could visit Germany and quickly learn about and address their own problems. Second, I must remind that our citizens go to France legally. Let them fix any problems in the English Channel. We are eager to collaborate on everything, but we cannot accept this type of hyperbole “Rama stated.

“The number of imprisoned Albanians is fewer than 1% of all criminals in British prisons. So singling out a community and discussing gangsters and criminals doesn’t feel very British. It appears to be a madman’s screams “, Rama remarked from Berlin following the Berlin Process Summit.

Rama told German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen that the British should do their part to prevent dinghie crossings. “Our people are completely lawful until they reach France. So, if there is an issue in the channel between France and Britain, they must collaborate to find a solution. I understand that Brexit has complicated matters, but this was a decision made by the British people, not the Albanian and French people “Rama stated. “In the end, we’re pleased to collaborate and do whatever we can, but we will never, ever, ever accept this kind of language. Albanians are a significant and well-integrated community in the United Kingdom “.

Berisha: While we disagree with the designation of Albanian refugees as criminals, we appreciate King Charles’ intervention

Sali Berisha voiced concern about the amount of Albanians who illegally enter the United Kingdom, but expressed dissatisfaction with the labeling of Albanian refugees on the island.

“This flow has increased from 800 in 2021 to 12,000 in one year. Without a question, this is a deeply troubling scenario, and the uproar is natural and unavoidable. DP expresses opposition to any categorization of Albanian refugees by the media or politicians, and expresses gratitude to King Charles for his involvement “Berisha stated at a news conference.

The Democratic Party’s leader called Edi Rrama’s remark in which he blames British authorities as irresponsible, laying the finger at British conservatives. “The DP encourages the UK government, parliament, and political forces to pause and examine the true reasons of the Edi Rama regime’s transformation of Albanians into dinghy people. This will help people grasp what is going on in Albania “Berisha stated.

“According to the DP, the primary reason of Albania’s depopulation is:

  • The fictitious voting of Albanians as a result of Edi Rama’s enormous election violations. Edi Rama’s phony elections have extinguished Albanians’ hope that voting can shift power.
  • Achieving perfect monism through fictional voting. Edi Rama now wields all of the country’s power. He has complete power over the justice system thanks to the Sorosian reform. He wields 10% more power than Albania’s previous communist dictator.
  • Edi Rama’s heinous links to crime and drugs, as well as the replacement of the rule of law with Europe’s first narco-state.

-Theft of public cash and assets, as well as the establishment of a corrupt system in the country. With Edi Rama’s system of corruption and theft of cash, public works in Albania cost 7-10 times more than in EU countries.

Edi Rama entered office as prime minister, having been accused by the OSCE presence in Tirana of having 200 million euros hidden in offshore banks, and for this claim, Edi Rama never responded in any way.

  • Edi Rama is currently Europe’s most costly prime minister. He’s flown 137 charter flights, including trips to football games in Florida and luxury vacations.
  • Another major factor of Albania’s depopulation is the rising impoverishment of Albanians as a result of Edi Rama’s policies. In 2013, Albanians had the greatest wage in the region; currently, they have the lowest salary in the region, 15-20% lower than Kosovo, while food prices are 7–10% higher than the EU average, and oil is sold in both Switzerland and Germany.
  • Finally, worldwide political corruption has an undeniable role in ensuring support for the monist dictatorship in Tirana.

“The dilemma between staying in Albania or fleeing is normal,” Rama: As you may know, the British have also migrated to Australia.

Prime Minister Rama discussed recent departures from the country during a meeting with young people in Tropoja on Thursday. He stated that the dilemma of staying or leaving the country is common during a time when movement is unrestricted.

He went on to say that the British experienced a 20-year diaspora following WWII.

“I understand you are torn between staying and leaving, but in this day and age, when we are no longer closed, the chance to move exists. Everyone your age has the right to wish to climb mountains and achieve heights. I understand individuals who flee and want to attempt new things, to put their might to the test in places where the possibilities are greatest. This is normal. This has happened in every country.

In the BBC interview, I also mentioned something that was cut for time, that after WWII, the British had a 20-year long continuous emigration and a complete community of British people was built in Australia, a community that now numbers 10 million people, same in America, same with internal migration. This is normal. On the other hand, I’ve been visiting Tropoja for years, and it’s an entirely different reality now. It has nothing to do with how it was when I first arrived. You can see now that there is life and hope here. I’m not going to tell everyone that it’s better here. It is dependent on what you are capable of doing here and what you are capable of doing there “Rama stated.

Finally, Rama stated that the day will come when more Albanians will return than leave.

In response to the country’s depopulation, the Catholic Church asked the political class, “Who are you leaving this land to?”

The situation of the country’s depopulation, primarily by young people of working age, has compelled the Episcopal Conference of the Albanian Catholic Church to take a statement. Monsignor Angelo Masafra, president of the Episcopal Conference, stated that he thought it was his duty not to remain silent in the face of such a severe issue.

“In light of the critical circumstances in which we find ourselves, we have resolved not to remain silent by raising our voice to be heard by state bodies and our people,” said Monsignor Angelo Massafra.

In addition to appealing to the consciences of those who leave, Mr. Masafra’s act of condemnation is primarily directed at the political elite, urging them to take this phenomena seriously.

“Who will inherit the country left empty by Albanian migrants?  Who are we giving this land to? What are your plans for the country’s future? Who will own all of the wealth discovered on this planet? If we live in a democracy, we should not be scared to address our citizens’ questions with boldness “Mr. Massafra added.

“The people’s affection for the motherland must be unconditional and real,” concluded the Episcopal Conference’s response to the subject of depopulation.

Ilir Meta on depopulation: Rama should not provoke

A few hours after the Catholic Church condemned the country’s depopulation, Ilir Meta, the leader of the Freedom Party, accused the government of being the primary reason of young people leaving the country. Meta stated his intention to remove this problem during a press conference.

“It expresses PL’s steadfast determination to halt depopulation and put an end to this tremendous drama affecting our society and every Albanian family once and for all. I applaud the Catholic Church and other communities’ determination to ponder and work together to eliminate all of the factors that motivate our young people to risk their lives crossing the English Channel by dinghies. It is evident that the only one who does not wish to participate in this direction is the irresponsible prime minister, who blames British authorities for a phenomena of depopulation jeopardizing the lives of young people, which he has provoked with his anti-youth policies. The mafia in power is the primary source of these young people’s loss of perspective “.

Meta urged the government to increase collaboration with French and British authorities while staying calm.

“Meanwhile, the government should lower its head for the dreadful repercussions it has caused the country and improve cooperation with French authorities, where hundreds of young people are waiting to leave for Great Britain in French forests. They must work with British authorities to treat our citizens with decency, especially given the large number of kids. Any provocation issued by the government to these authorities accomplishes nothing to improve the condition and treatment of Albanian residents. Meanwhile, here in the country, the prime minister and government continue to punish domestic investors and support monopolies “.